Armada at Home

Armada at Home is a new initiative during these challenging times. As a team it brings us great sadness that we cannot extend our hospitality to you by opening our doors and offering the very best care and service we can. Armada at Home is a menu designed and cooked by our Executive Head Chef, Peter Jackson so you can take a break from cooking and enjoy some great food in the comfort of your own home. As you can imagine an incredible amount of effort, drive and energy has gone into completely transforming how we operate internally in order to deliver a safe and conscious ‘Click & Collect’ service that will be available Friday to Sunday until we reopen our doors. Your support means the world to us as it keeps some life in the hotel. We look forward to the day when we can welcome you back to the Armada in what we hope is the not so distant future.

Our Food Heroes...Where it all comes from

We take great pride in where all our ingredients come from and this doesn’t change for Armada at Home. Our Meat is all sourced by 3rd generation butcher Noel O’Connor who is very passionate about his profession and only supplies the best quality of Irish Meats. Our seafood is supplied by Eamon from Garrihy’s Seafood, Doolin. We are blessed to be situated on the West Coast of Clare where the warmth from the stone of our limestone coastline keeps the water at a slightly higher temperature where our seafood thrives in the plankton rich waters. Our Vegetables are purchased with Seasonality in mind and come from Irish Soils carefully chosen by Sandra & Matthew from Richardson’s. Finally, the Armada Farm. This is a place where we celebrate the cleanest, greenest, sustainable and purest form of growing, with a no dig system to ensure that we are doing our best for the environment. Most uniquely, we transport in trailer loads of sea weed and feed it to the soil for nourishment, giving our produce the traditional flavours and nutrients delivered for generations of farming along the coast. A project that we are going to double down on to get our team out and into fresh air.